To know God's love, to show God's love

New Sermon series

This Sunday sees us starting two new sermon series.

Series Image - Live as children of light

In the morning we’re hoping to being a study of Ephesians.¬†Ephesians was written to tell us what God has done in Christ, how it was done, when and why, with the intention of showing us God’s purpose to,

bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ” (1:10).

To that end, Ephesians deals with the walls that separate heaven and earth, as well as those which separate the Christian in his new life, from was he was before. Ephesians assures the Christian of Christ’s victory and his supremacy, it assures us of our place in him – both individually and as his Church. And it does all this so that, knowing the full extent of what has been done for, and in, us, we might,

“live as children of light” (4:8)

Which is why we’ve called this series,¬†Live as Children of Light.

Series Image - Responding to

On Sunday evenings we’re going to be thinking about how we respond to the very real concrete challenges our world poses to our faith in Christ. From plausible teachers who end up contradicting Scripture, to legal changes that change the shape of our society, to local events and news that confront us – we’re going to try to work out a response that is Biblical, compassionate and Christ-glorifying.