To know God's love, to show God's love

We are blessed

Do we think of Christianity as no more than the immediate crises we face, the particular temptations we are fighting, the specific conflict that’s spoiling the unity of our church? Has that become the limit of our vision? Is Christianity no more than that to us?

Some people leave the church, telling themselves they can do better on their own, we don’t need to be in a church to follow Christ they say. But the solution is not to think smaller, the solution is to think bigger. And you don’t get any bigger that what Christ is planning in and for his Church.

Because being children of light in a dark world isn’t something that we have to aspire to become, it’s something we have to be reminded that we are. We need to understand the true scale of what has been already been done, we need to ask ourselves three questions:

  • What has God done?
  • How has God done it?
  • Why did God do it?


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