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Promises Kept

In Babylon Israel were a people without a state, without a king, and very often, without even their own name. Daniel, Hananiah, Zerubbabel, all were given new names honouring false gods. God’s faithfulness in keeping the promise he made through Jeremiah meant, Remembering their real Name Remembering their real Home

God never gives up

The events of the book of Ezra when the glory days of Israel are long gone, when the Temple itself has been destroyed. It must have felt like God had abandoned them – but God never gives up. To understand that we need to grasp: How hopeless was their situation How inevitable had been their…


Our final study in Revelation encompasses the last two chapters which offer a picture of comes after the decisive victory of Christ. The world is come is pictured as a New Jerusalem and there are three things that are made clear to John about it: The New Jerusalem is a Present Reality The New Jerusalem…

Tears and Rejoicing

In Revelation 18-19 we see two very different reactions to the fall of Babylon, the Great City. And those differences force us to ask ourselves, How will we feel when Babylon falls? Why should we rejoice when Babylon falls? Who will we think was blessed when Babylon falls?

Come out!

In Revelation 17 we are introduced to the enigmatic figure of the Mother of Prostitutes. We’ll be thinking about Who she is, What she is doing, and, What we need to do about her.

The Last Battle

Revelation 15-16 describe the sequence of events with which God’s wrath against this world will finally be completed. They were pictured for John as seven “bowls of wrath”, which mirror and fulfil the seven trumpets which had begun to be sounded as soon as the Lamb opened the scroll of his final purposes in heaven.…

Who is Safe?

In the light of the horrors that Revelation 13 sees Satan unleash against Christ’s Church the question is … who is safe? And the answer is, Those who follow the Lamb wherever he goes Those who long for the judgement of God Those who patiently endure

A Prayer for the Newborn King

Psalm 72 is David’s prayer for his son Solomon, the newborn king of Israel. But his prayers would not be answered in Israel’s wisest king, nor in any king who would follow. Not until Jesus was born of Mary would David’s prayer be answered. And in the construction of a prayer that so profoundly cuts…