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Come out!

In Revelation 17 we are introduced to the enigmatic figure of the Mother of Prostitutes. We’ll be thinking about Who she is, What she is doing, and, What we need to do about her.

The Last Battle

Revelation 15-16 describe the sequence of events with which God’s wrath against this world will finally be completed. They were pictured for John as seven “bowls of wrath”, which mirror and fulfil the seven trumpets which had begun to be sounded as soon as the Lamb opened the scroll of his final purposes in heaven.…

Who is Safe?

In the light of the horrors that Revelation 13 sees Satan unleash against Christ’s Church the question is … who is safe? And the answer is, Those who follow the Lamb wherever he goes Those who long for the judgement of God Those who patiently endure

A Prayer for the Newborn King

Psalm 72 is David’s prayer for his son Solomon, the newborn king of Israel. But his prayers would not be answered in Israel’s wisest king, nor in any king who would follow. Not until Jesus was born of Mary would David’s prayer be answered. And in the construction of a prayer that so profoundly cuts…

God or Man

Luke 2:1-7 sets two very different people in contrast in the Christmas story: Caesar Augustus – the man who would be a god Jesus Christ – the God who would be a man

The Dragon’s Fall

In Revelation 12-13 we have the strangest version of the nativity in Scripture, instead of shepherds and wise men there is an ancient dragon – Satan, desperate to destroy the child who is to be born. But instead, the dragon is cast down, thrown out of heaven by the coming of Christ. But he is…

Unwelcome Blessings

Having seen how the breaking of the seals and the sounding of the trumpets have left men unwilling to repent, in Revelation 10 and 11 we find John’s portrait of the ministry of the Church to change men’s hearts. He shows us three things: A Scroll – the Plan A Temple – the Purpose Two…