To know God's love, to show God's love

Sermons by Gordon Walker

Minority Report

There comes a point in some stories – indeed, in some lives – where everything changes. It becomes the definining moment of that story or of that life. In the life of the newly born nation of Israel that defining moment is described in Numbers 13-14. Their moment of truth results in a spiral of…

The Graves of Craving

As Israel are on their way – quite literally – to the promised land, they stumble over the same thing that so often causes us to stumble … the things we crave. The thing we crave can destroy us, or lead us to salvation.

Do not be silent

Acts 18 gives us an insight into how Paul was able to situate himself in unexpected situations, and react to unforeseen opposition. He avoided both the crushing weight of thinking the whole future of the Church rested on him, and the despiriting idea that what he did was irrelevant by recognising that he was,

Carol Service

The 17th century poet Richard Herrick wrote, The darling of the world is come,And fit it is, we find a roomTo welcome him. To welcome him. And what Mary and Joseph’s arrival in Bethlehem teaches us is that, if we do welcome Christ we will find that we are not welcoming a stranger, you may…

Love and Law

Throughout 1 John, John has emphasised the need for Christians to love one another. But where does that leave the obligations of the Law? Is there a tension between the two? In the final chapter he addresses both, and brings the letter to a surprising conclusion.

Let us Love

In the way he constructs his letter, John seems to be telling us that the opposite of being deceived by some antichrist, indeed the strongest protection against being deceived, is to love one another. So, in 4:7-21 he answers three questions: Where does love come from? What is love? Why should we love?