To know God's love, to show God's love

In the Wilderness

Remember the Journey

Numbers 33’s careful enumeration of all the stages in Israel’s journey from slavery to their promised land, followed by a clarion call to drive out the people’s living there completely, serve to issue two challenges

Fighting for the wrong thing

On the verge of entering the long awaited promised land, two of the twelve tribes who made up the people of Israel said to Moses, Do not make us cross the Jordan Num. 32:5 They had found what they thought was a better home in Gilead. Meanwhile, half of another tribe were so committing to…

Men and Women

After the offerings detailed in Numbers 28-29 which maintain the relationship between God and his people, chapter 30 turns to the relationships among the people, specifically those between Men and Women


In Numbers 28-29 Moses offers a summary, not simply of the sacred days and seasons Israel were to observe, but the Offerings they were to present as a fundamental part of the rhythm of their lives.

Make Ready

Two challenging events – the loss of the inheritance of a man with no sons and only daughters, and the need for a leader to succeed Moses – cause Israel to face their fears for the future