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God's Dust

The Whole Duty of Faith

Ecclesiastes ch 12 v 8-14 Nothing has changed … but everything is different. “Meaningless! says the Teacher, everything is meaningless” v8 Christ is what makes everything different. Don’t just look … see! “The words of the wise are like goads” v11 We should look and see what God is doing in the world, moments of…

Heaven on Earth?

Ecclesiastes 5:1-6:12 Ecclesiastes – the Teacher – has much to offer us, there’s a lot of wisdom in his book. But, unlike most teachers, he isn’t always teaching us how to do things. Very often his task is to teach us what we can’t do, to strip away false confidence, and block off dead ends.…

God’s Dust

We begin a study of the book of Ecclesiastes, part of what is called the ‘Wisdom Literature’ of the Bible – books that teach us how to be wise. The Teacher wrestles with the truth that our life here on earth is only a breathe and wonders, does that mean that everything is meaningless?