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Sermons on Psalms

A Prayer for the Newborn King

Psalm 72 is David’s prayer for his son Solomon, the newborn king of Israel. But his prayers would not be answered in Israel’s wisest king, nor in any king who would follow. Not until Jesus was born of Mary would David’s prayer be answered. And in the construction of a prayer that so profoundly cuts…

Living in Wisdom

Psalm 127 is often called a ‘wisdom psalm’, and wisdom is the art of turning theology in practice. And that is done in a thousand tiny details of life. So in this psalm we find: Mighty oaks from little acorns grow How God Works Why God Works

Living with the King

Psalm 101 – the prayer of a King This world is our inheritance and while we are ‘rulers in training’, we should consider these 3 questions: What am I when I am alone? (v 1 – 4) What am I when I am with others? (v 5 – 6) What am I when I have…