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Sermons on Isaiah

A New Kind of King

Isaiah 11 is a prophecy of Christ’s birth at Christmas. It is a prophecy about a king, and not just a new king, it foretells the coming of a new kind of king, because our salvation … is something no ordinary king could create can only be established by judgement means a world made new

Taking Stock

As we begin a new year we have a natural desire to take stock of the old one, that’s the impulse that lies beneath much of our resolutions. Isaiah’s scathing review of Israel’s condition in the opening chapter of his prophecy serves to gives us two important warnings as we do it: Beware of confidence…

Remembering War

On Remembrance Sunday we are remembering war: those who gave their lives in war, those who perished during war, those who suffer after war. But we also want to remember how God thinks of war, what God’s plan for war is. His plan is found in Isaiah 2, In the last days the mountain of…