To know God's love, to show God's love

Sermons on Genesis

Why do we pray?

We want to ask ourselves some basic questions about prayer, and there isn’t any more basic question about prayer than the question of why we do it at all. We think about this by looking at some of the more surprising, and even shocking, prayers of Scripture. You have heard that it was said,`Love your…


In the wake of the catastrophe of the Fall the early chapters of Genesis depict the spiral of mankind towards utter destruction, a descent that nothing could stop, not even the Flood. And so God engaged in the most important conversation in human history and gave a promise that would change mankind’s destiny, I will make…


The story of the Bible begins with its creation, an account that doesn’t simply tell us that the world we live in was made, it also makes it clear that, in the very way God created – he invested our world with meaning and with expectation.