To know God's love, to show God's love

We live in an age of professionals, which means that we tend to think that everything is best left to a professional of some kind. We don’t give advice, don’t offer medical attention, and sometimes even don’t attempt to raise our children without professional advice. However, when it comes to the gospel we are all called to be able to explain the good news of what Jesus Christ has done for us.

But how?

We have found four resources that you may find helpful:

  • Two Ways to Live – this is a simple leaflet which, in six steps, explains the story of how the world came to be as it is, and what God has done about it in Christ. It’s both an excellent resource to give to people directly, and it’s a marvellous model to have in your mind as you’re talking to people about your faith in Christ. You can find the full text of the leaflet at
  • Just for Starters – if someone wants to go a little deeper, this little collection of seven studies is something you can meet someone for coffer to talk through. it very helpfully offers a way to discuss the fundamentals of the Christian faith.
  • The Story – another way to introduce someone to Christ is to let them read the story for themselves. The Story is a little book which brings the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts together as a single story. It’s much less intimidating that a full Bible, or even a New Testament. The text is presented without chapter or verse numbers, but just simply as the story. There’s even a simple reading plan that will take you through it in six weeks.
  • How to Become a Christian – for that moment when someone asks how to make all these things their own, we have a single page leaflet which describes how to become a Christian. It’s simply ABC: Accept that you’re someone who needs to be forgiven and that you can’t make things right on your own, Believe that Jesus’ death is the only thing that can save us, Come to Jesus – make this more than just a story, make this your story

You can listen to a talk about explaining the gospel using these tools here.