To know God's love, to show God's love

For those who are new to the idea, or who find all this reading hard, the Navigators have a 5x5x5 New Testament reading plan. In five days a week, five minutes a day, it’ll take you through the New Testament. And the extra five is five ways to dig deeper:

  1. Underline or highlight key words or phrases in the Bible passage.
  2. Put it in your own words
  3. Ask questions about the passage using these words: who, what, why, when, where, or how.
  4. Capture the big ideain this sentence, paragraph, or chapter?
  5. Personalize the meaning. Ask: How could my life be different today as I respond to what I’m reading?

This plan would go very well with one of the journaling Bibles that are very popular today with wide margins, often lined, for your own notes and reflections.