To know God's love, to show God's love

Days of Prayer

From the 2nd to the 5th September we’re devoting ourselves to prayer for our church, for its ministries as they begin again, and for ourselves – to search ourselves, our motives, our true desires. The purpose is to repent, and ask God to use us, and to ask him give us the wisdom to understand¬†how we are to be used.

  • Sunday evening at 8pm
  • Monday Morning – the church building will be open from 7am to 10am. Please find any slot that suits your schedule to spend time there in prayer. Come when you can and leave when youo must.
  • Tuesday Evening – our prayer meeting, at its usual time from 8pm to 9:20pm
  • Wednesday Morning – again, the church building will be open from 7am to 10am

There is no-one holy like the LORD; there is no-one besides you; there is no Rock like our God

1 Samuel 2:2


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