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Bible study and prayer meeting

Tuesday night is our mid-week service and everyone is welcome to come along. We meet at 8pm in our smaller prayer room. We usually open with a single hymn and prayer and then spend time studying the Bible. Although it’s a sermon at heart, we like to provide an opportunity to ask questions on Tuesday night, to have people speak out at any point during the sermon to clarify, or to ask for something to be explained more fully. It’s a great opportunity to talk about something that was said on Sunday, or just something that’s been on your mind.
After the study, which is usually about 30-40 minutes (depending on how many questions there are!) we spend some time in prayer. It’s simply left open for anyone who wants, to lead us in prayer, but there’s no obligation to do so – you’re welcome to simply pray in silence with us. We usually spend some time before this sharing needs and opportunities with one another, things that we’d particularly like the people to pray for that night, and later in their own prayers.
We usually finish up about 9:25pm


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