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@NIvoiceless Protest

In July the Northern Ireland (Executive) bill was hijacked by amendments forcing the imposition of both abortion and gay marriage on Northern Ireland. Unless the Assembly is re-established first, it will come into force on 21st October. It will introduce a regime of abortion up to 28 weeks for any reason (Down’s syndrome, cleft lip, etc – see here for more details)…

Colin Doake prayer updates on Facebook

For those of you who know Colin Doake and have been praying for him, the family have set up a private Facebook page where they will post updates and prayer requests – Colin Doake Prayer Updates. Since it’s a secret group you can’t simply search for it, instead you’ll have to get in touch with…

New Sermon series

This Sunday sees us starting two new sermon series. In the morning we’re hoping to being a study of Ephesians.¬†Ephesians was written to tell us what God has done in Christ, how it was done, when and why, with the intention of showing us God’s purpose to, bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ” (1:10).…

Christmas Services

Our Christmas morning service is at 9:45am and will last about 45 minutes. On Sunday 27th December we’re not having an evening service, instead our morning service will start a little earlier, at 10:30am for a little fellowship over tea and coffee before we worship together. The following Tuesday, the 29th December, there will be no prayer meeting.